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Story ideas

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Welcome to Swajana's Idea page!


Just place your story ideas below.

  1. Rickshaw drivers
  2. A Potter's Story
  3. Flower Power
  4. Vegetable sellers
  5. A Cobbler's story
  6. The Truck Painters
  7. Women who work at constructions sites (the ones with the endless baskets of concrete on their heads!) (Often with infants / kids lying along the construction site).
  8. Auto-rickshaw drivers, who are notorious for over-charging / cheating passengers.
  9. Amateur Musician
  10. Dancers - is there a scene of kids practicing filmy dance moves
  11. Indian wrestling - I've heard of this but I have no idea what it is. Do alot of people do it ?
  12. Doodhwala - Milkman who delivers milk every morning
  13. Kachrewala - garbageman who comes and picks up garbage from your doorstep every morning
  14. Postman/Mailman - who delivers mail no matter what the weather
  15. Kiranawala - the local neighborhood grocer who carries everything from a pin to a drum in his tiny store
  16. Gipsy laborers - those women and men who toil over construction sites and live in huts on the roadside while they build mansions for the rich
  17. On going election promotion in Maharashtra (chunav prachar)
  18. The children that sing in the train and play the tune with a pair of flat stone chips.
  19. Rag Pickers - just go to a dumpster and look for the guys picking up the recyclable plastic. They have a great story to tell, and do a very tough job.

#a beggar interview.

#shopping mall and movie theater culture.


#(clothes) washing at the river.

#call center reality.

#family life.

#discussion of home food food vs street, dhaba, restraunt food.

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